Company Information

Overseas business

We export the goods of the underwear maker of Japan to overseas.

Trading company specializing in underwear
Suteteko Company
From Fukui to all over Japan
Relief and satisfaction to the customer
We offer the clothing of the 1st sheet directly attached to skins, such as underwear, socks, and stocking with reasonable price.

President greeting

President greeting

We're making a company which delivers 'Smiles' to our customers! I'm Hiroyuki Sasahara, a representative director of Suteteko Co., Ltd.

I started to take over our family business from my parents when I was 24 years old. Running our apparel company was so hard that I felt forced to change my personality.

Then, when I advanced our business into internet sales and it just got on track, I lost my wife to cancer.

I learned "Importance of smile" from these very experiences that made me lose my smile.

These experiences made me determined to create a company which delivers as many smiles as possible to our customers with my employees.

My employees and I are still young, and our company is full of vitality and possibility. We'll do our best to always keep growing, advancing ourselves, and satisfying customers with our high standards and consciousness.

Representative Director Hiroyuki Sasahara

Corporate philosophy & Action agenda

Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

We offer the clothing of the 1st sheet directly attached to skins,
such as underwear, socks, and stocking with reasonable price.
Our recommended products are chosen from reliable maker's products in quality,
and reasonable price is realized by business effort and rationalization.

The Mission

To customers

Our starting point of all the actions is on a customer.
We always think in customer's position, and we will do our best to supply relief and satisfaction to customers.

To the friends who work with

We value mutual growth and teamwork, and build up irrepressible place of work.

To suppliers

We consider suppliers to be important partners who produce value, and maintain the suitable relation based on confidential relation aiming at both developing.

Corporate profile

Company name Suteteko Company (old name; Sasahara Company)
Representative Director Hiroyuki Sasahara
Address 4-22, Harumiya 2-chome, Awara city, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, ZIP Code 919-0632
TEL: +81776735258 (Internet business)
FAX: +81776735621 (Internet business)

■The 1st warehouse (Furumachi warehouse)
1-12-2, Omizo, Awara city, Fukui prefecture, 919-0628, Japan
■The 2nd warehouse(Wakide warehouse)
3-8-28, Harumiya, Awara city, Fukui prefecture, 919-0632, Japan
■The 3rd warehouse(Muika warehouse)
2-24-22, Ichihime, Awara city, Fukui prefecture, 919-0621, Japan
■The 4th warehouse (Mizuguchi warehouse)
F1, 2-5-3, Harumiya, Awara city, Fukui prefecture, 919-0632, Japan
Foundation August, 1946
Incorporation April, 1974
Capital 10 million Japanese yen
Staff 31 employees (included part timer)
Correspondent bank The Hokuriku Bank, The Fukuho Bank, The Fukui Bank, The Hokkoku Bank
Services Online retail and wholesale of underwear, socks, and stockings
Sales 730 million Japanese yen (2020 fiscal year)
Deployment store
Private brand
  • Private brand "Suteteko"
  • School private brand "SchooLog"
  • The red underwear made in Japan "KOUSHO"
  • Underwear for successful men "BizFit"
  • 100% silk underwear "Mayui"
  • Underwear for girls "Dear Pastel"
  • UV cut innerwear made in Japan "SMove"
Brands we deal with Gunze, Atsugi, Fukusuke, Hanes, Champion, BVD, REGART, Sanwa, Washio, Train, Cross plus, Seiko lingerie, Hayashi (towel), Kanko school uniform, Tombow school uniform, Hato Sakura school uniform


Organization History


August, 1946 First generation Mr.Shigeo Sasahara had started itinerant business of clothing.
September, 1955 A shop and residence was built as "Sasahara " in the Kanazu town.
1962 Fukushin chain which 10 companies joined was set up in order to cooperation buying and joint advertisement. We had joined.
November, 1970 The comprehensive garments supermarket "Fukushin chain Sasahara Kanazu shop " with 100-tsubo store space was opened in front of the Kanazu shrine.
April, 1974 It was incorporated as "Sasahara Company"
September, 1975 As the core tenant of the clothing of the shopping center Awara hello town "Fukushin chain Sasahara Awara shop" was set up.
May, 1983 Mr. Shubu Sasahara assumption as representative director.
October, 1985 "Fukushin chain Sasahara Kanazu shop" was moved to the second floor of "Eldy" in the Kanazu shopping center.
1988 "Fukushin chain Sasahara Maruoka shop" was opened. (It closed in 1991) August 6, 1995 "Fukushin chain Sasahara Awara shop" was closed.
July, 1998 Cooperative Fukushin chain was broken up.
June, 2000 The mail order site "Suteteko net head office" of underwear, socks, and stocking was started.
November 30, 2001 We moved from Kanazu shopping center and set up "Sasahara shop" (180 tsubo) in December.
July, 2002 "Suteteko net head office" temporary closed because of pressure of business.
June, 2005 "Suteteko net Rakuten shop", “Suteteko net yahoo shop", and "Suteteko net Yahoo Auctions shop" was opened.
March, 2007 "Yahoo Auctions shop" was closed because of pressure of business.
September, 2008 The shop was converted into "SASA Style Select Store" after management innovation planned recognition of Fukui Prefecture.
April, 2011 "Suteteko net head office" resumption.
September 1, 2011 Mr. Hiroyuki Sasahara assumption as Representative Director October, 2011 "Suteteko net DeNA shop (old name; Bidders)" was opened.
March, 2012 Sales of 240 million Japanese yen.
March, 2013 Sales of 330 million Japanese yen.
April, 2013 "Suteteko net ponpare shop" was opened.
July, 2013 "Suteteko net Amazon shop" was opened and "Rakuten No. 2 shop (Mammies selection)" was opened. They are 7 stores organization.
March, 2014 Sales of 400 million Japanese yen.
April, 2014 SASA Style Select Store was closed, and company name had changed to the company specializing in internet business as "Suteteko Company" (Registration was due to be changed in August)
March, 2016 Sales of 500 million Japanese yen.
September, 2016 Introduction of the Growth Evaluation System, "3S Bonus", "Achievement Bonus", "Appropriate Bonus".
February, 2017 Underwear troubleshooting blog, "A Weekly, Underwear Brings Smiles" started.
March, 2017 Full renewal of the head office site. The design of all shops is also completely renewed.
September, 2017 A site specializing in wholesale, "" was opened.
June, 2019 Prized "Habataku 300 small to medium enterprises" from Ministry of Economy、Trade and Industry.
August, 2019 Opened our totally renewed website
October, 2019 Established the 2nd warehouse (Wakide warehouse).
September, 2020 Yahoo! Shop won the 2nd prize of Hokuriku area award 2020 in women's and men's fashion categories.
September, 2020Established the 3rd warehouse (Muika warehouse).
September, 2020Established the 4th warehouse (Mizuguchi warehouse).
September, Rakuten Shop won the "Shop of the Month" in Fukui area.
January, 2021" Yahoo! Shop" was promoted to " PayPay shop".
February, 2021Opened "SchooLog Yahoo! Shop".
March, 2021Achieved the sales of 730 million Japanese yen.
April, Yahoo! Shop won the 1st prize of Hokuriku area award 2020 in women's fashion category, and the 2nd prize in men's fashion category.

President introduction


Hiroyuki Sasahara

Hiroyuki Sasahaar
Birthday June 21, 1972
Constellation Twins
Blood type O
  • 1988 Graduation from the Kanatsu junior high school.
  • 1991 Graduation from the Takashi high school.
  • 1995 Graduation from the Konan University department-of-economics.


1995 - 1996
Joined the apparel company "CHIC" in Osaka.
Studied the merchandise management of ladies wear and sales.
Set out on wandering journey one year and half to Okinawa & Southeast Asia
It was the first foreign country with wandering travel and he was amazed at life difference with Japan. Moreover, studied that there was no any guarantee in life.
Returned to Fukui and joined "Sasahara Company". Engaged in the company and merchandise management of clothing volume retailer.
Got interested in homepage creation and built up the company homepage by self-education. "The miniature garden of Sasahara"
Internet shop "Suteteko net" was opened. It was the shop of underwear, socks, and stocking. He was impressed that he could sell products by e-mail.
Closed shop in the local shopping center and opened the road surface clothing shop "Clothing shop Sasahara" January, 2005
His personal computer which had managed Suteteko net was broken, and all the data was disappeared. He got abandoned and temporally closed Suteteko net head office.
June, 2005
"Suteteko net" was re-started. Suteteko net, Rakuten shop, Yahoo shop, and Yahoo auction shop were opened. (Yahoo auction shop was closed because of pressure of business)
We got the business recognition of "management innovation" by Fukui commerce-and-industry meeting joint association.
September, 2008
"Clothing shop Sasahara" was remodeled completely and the ladies select shop "SASA Style Select Store" was opened. Although he aimed the breakaway to the specialty shop from the volume retailer, but sales fell off conversely. This turned rudder from store sale to internet business.
April, 2011
"Suteteko net head office" was restarted.
September, 2011
Assumption as Representative Director of Sasahara Company.
October, 2011
Suteteko net Wowma shop (formerly DeNA shop) was opened.
April, 2012
Got to know the Lanchester management strategy and he was shocked.
Decided to take Lanchester management as textbook from this day.
"Suteteko net ponpare shop", "Suteteko net Amazon shop", "Suteteko net Rakuten no.2 (Mammies selct) shop",were opened. They were 7 shops organization.
April, 2014
SASA Style Select Store was closed, and shifted to the company specializing in internet business. Company name had changed to the company specializing in internet business for "Suteteko Company"
September, 2014
An oldest son "Issei Sasahara" was born.
January, 2015
Position assigned as secretary of "BBR Study Group"
May, 2015
"Dalian Suteteko Trading Co., Ltd." was founded in Dalian, China.
November, 2015
"Taobao Shop, Suteteko net" was opened in China.
February, 2017
Underwear troubleshooting blog "A Weekly, Underwear Brings Smiles" started.
March, 2017
Full renewal of the head office site. The design of all shops is also completely renewed.
September, 2017
A site specializing in wholesale, "" was opened.

Internet business

We expand six malls, such as not only our own shop but rakuten, Yahoo, Wowma, ponpare, and Amazon.

Seeking new supplier

Seeking new supplier

We are trading company specializing in underwear, socks, and stocking. We deal domestic wholesale (B to B), overseas business (export management), and internet business. If you want to expand your sales with us, please feel free to Inquiry from "inquiry." Our buyer will correspond.

Seeking new customer

If you want to buy from us, please feel free to Inquiry from "inquiry." or contact our wholesale site.

Wholesale site
A wholesale site is only for company and managed by registration system.

Seeking new supplier